Guided hiking tours in English, German and Swedish to old growth forest. 

Guided hiking tour that offers desire to nature and history

Join me in an adventurous hiking tour to old growth forest. This part of Sweden was once the cradle out of which our wealth and prosperity emanated and build our country of today. We will look closer at remnants of historical interest. The walk starts at 10 o’clock and ends on our courtyard, takes about 4h and the distance is 12km. After 6km we arrive at a marvellous headland in the lake Björkljustern, covered with virgin, forest for lunch break. We will enjoy a wilderness picnic made out of locally produced ingredients.
I invite people who are experienced hikers and recommend good hiking boots, a water bottle and outdoor clothes.

Please let me know if you are in need of special diets.

Your guide

My family and I, Sibylle Wenne, have been forest owners for decades in Dalecarlia. We run our forestry because we evaluate and care for it as a place for recreation, preservation of biodiversity and cultural landscape.
Our forest is located in a scenic part that at the same time has been very important for the building and wealth of our country. During the pandemic we noticed an increasing interest in nature and events connected to nature. Therefore we decided to offer hiking tours in our own forest. Which possibilities and challenges does the forest offer regarding recreation, animals and culture?
I invite experienced hikers who are interested in a fabulous experience in nature and the cultural landscape.